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Central to my personal philosophy is the understanding that we humans are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings living within, and supported by, the natural world.

My writing explores the interactions between these various aspects of ourselves and one another. The central threads of my work being connection, nurture and transformation.

I hope my writing will inspire and empower others to explore and connect with the strength, peace and wisdom we all hold within ourselves.

 Milestones of Motherhood

Surya24Becoming a mother has, for myself, been a deeply transformative process. Experiencing pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and conscious mothering has inspired me to explore these ordinary, everyday miracles through my writing.

Through learning to love and meet the needs of my babies and children I have learned so much about myself, as well as having the blessed privilege of watching my children grow and unfold a little more each day.

It is this transformation of women as we become mothers which is the subject of my first book Milestones Of Motherhood. I explore the ways in which having, loving and nurturing children leads to change and growth within mothers themselves. Milestones Of Motherhood will be published by Mother’s Milk Books in 2017.


clareneilyogaYoga continues to be a constant thread which inspires and nourishes my life; even when I am unable to practice Yoga postures on the mat due to the busyness of family life, Yogic breathing and connection through the chakras, and most notably my heart centre keeps me grounded, connected and loving as we navigate the joys and challenges of family life.

My writing and personal understandings of the world are inspired by Yogic philosophy and practice. I have been teaching Yoga for over thirteen years, and since becoming a mother, now specialise in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation, Post-Natal Healing and Women’s Wellness Yoga.

As a mother, writer and Yogini I am keen to explore the many ways in which Yogic wisdom and practice can nurture and sustain us as women as we give out so much in mothering our children.

Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation

I write a Yoga column for the online parenting magazine Parent Tribe and my forthcoming book Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation shares how Yoga practice and philosophy can nurture and support us to accommodate the many changes which pregnancy brings. Practices detail postures to release and prevent back pain and Pelvic pain, postures sequences for each stage of pregnancy, breathing, visualisation and relaxation to calm the mind, release tension and connect with your baby.

Alongside thorough explanations of how Yoga can prepare for labour, birth and post-natal healing, women’s birth stories bring to life the ways in which Yoga can be supportive, empowering and wholly transformational in what can be one of the most challenging, life changing, and transformational times of our lives as women.

To contribute your birth story to the book, please contact Clare via with Birth Story in the subject title. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

TM63-Cropped-Cover-Page-e1397583046928-230x300I was a regular contributor to natural parenting magazine The Mother and also write for The Green Parent and am a guest blogger with the Parent Tribe Community. My articles explore the manifold ways through which we can parent, live and love with authenticity and connectedness to our children, ourselves, our communities and the natural world.

I am available for commissions for writing around motherhood, Yoga and personal transformation and you can Click here to read more about my published articles