On Tuesday 27th January we will welcome Dianne Standen to Beautiful Beginnings to talk about the Campaign Cumbrians Against Fluoride.


As you may or may not know, the water supply along the Cumbrian coast is fluoridated. This means that Hexafluorosilicic Acid is added to our water supply.


The mainstream thinking behind this is that fluoride helps to reduce tooth decay.


Yet there are many reports which question this science, and many more research papers which flag up very worrying long term side effects from the continued exposure to fluoride, especially when fluoride is consumed regularly by babies and children.


This is not something I, until recently,  knew much about, and as a health-conscious parent I, like many others, am keen to avoid exposing myself and my children to large and unregulated doses of chemicals. Especially as I, like the rest of the West Cumbrian population have not consented to receive this medication through my water supply and am concerned about the side effects of the regular consumption of fluoride.


Dianne will talk about the decision to fluoridate the West Cumbrian water supply, the CATFISH research study which compares the dental records of 5 year old children in West and North Cumbria, and the work of the campaign so far.


I hope this will be an informative session where we as parents can become more informed about the water supply which we and our families rely on each and every day.


To find out more visit http://www.cumbriansagainstfluoride.com/