Winter is the time of year for us to slow down, to rest and to allow our focus to move within. By slowing down we are able to rest and nurture ourselves, letting our inner selves become replenished and nourished before we begin new creative projects.

Yet for so many of us, rather than a time of rest, reduced activity and self nurturing, Winter becomes a time of rushing and stress. We carry on with our activities enduring the cold weather and long dark nights, rates of depression are higher in the Winter months, as are colds and flu, and our bodies can feel stiff and sluggish with the cold. The build up to Christmas is, for many of us, a time of pressure and busyness, leaving little time to listen to ourselves and meet our own needs. Then once Christmas is over, we find ourselves approaching the New Year thinking we should be beginning new things, yet often feeling depleted, down and exhausted rather than rested and replenished.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can look to Nature to learn how we can make the most of the Winter season and apply this natural Earth wisdom to our own lives and families.

Following on from my Winter Wellbeing Yoga Workshop in December, you can now read more about how we can tune into the energies of the earth and rest and replenish ourselves with Yoga and an attitude of self care in the article which accompanies the workshop.

You can read and download this article for free from the Resources page of my website.

Taking time to care for ourselves, to rest and be still leads to deep inner replenishment. From here we return to the world with a deeper sense of energy, connection, joy and creativity.

Take time to nurture yourself, and build this gentle self care into your daily family life.

Clare xx