The last couple of months have been like no other. Usually I lead a busy family focused lifestyle, home schooling my children, running a small Forest School and teaching Pregnancy Yoga alongside trying to find the time to finish editing my book Milestones of Motherhood which explores how we learn and grow through learning to love and care for our children.


During September I was involved in an accident and injured the ligaments in my knee. This led to a traumatic few weeks where myself and the children were traumatised from the accident and anxious to hear the diagnosis of my knee. It seemed like I might need two surgeries initially and a long and uncertain recovery.


I’ve had fabulous, kind and loving support from family and friends, and during these quiet months of rest and recovery I’ve turned within and really allowed myself the time to rest, let go and recover. I’ve explored how Yoga, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Emotional Freedom Technique and Akashic Records Meditations can bring healing from trauma and support recovery through mind, body and emotions. I have certainly learned a great deal in so many ways, and have ultimately found the experience deeply transformational on so many levels.


Over the next few posts I’d like to share elements of this journey of transformation and how Yoga is about so much more than the postures we can do on the mat. In an appointment with the Consultant, he said I may never do Yoga again…. whilst of course this was shocking news, I knew he was wrong…. for I had been using Yoga to aid my body, emotions and mind since the accident, and was beginning to feel the healing balm of deep inner peace, connection and reassurance which our breathing, gentle movement and quiet inner focus can bring despite the injury and feelings of trauma.


Over the days and weeks of being laid up in bed, worrying about what the children were and weren’t getting up to and feeling awful about not being able to teach the pregnancy class, I realised that how I was looking at things would play a huge part in my journey to recovery. Whilst upsetting, annoying, frustrating and painful, I realised I could use the time positively, deepen into myself, use the time for meditation, Yoga Nidra, to deepen into the Women’s Wellness healing practices and generally go within to explore and discover many ways of healing myself which I can ultimately share with others.


What followed were quiet weeks of resting, surrender, meditation and some new areas of learning and study opening up. I even found a little time to get on with the editing of Milestones! Whilst our hospitals provide amazing support during times of injury, Yoga and Alternative Healing Modalities offer myriad systems to support our holistic, long term recovery from physical, mental and emotional trauma and I’m looking forward to sharing some elements of my journey with the hope that it can bring nurture, inspiration and support to others who may be struggling.

With Love

Clare x

P.S. Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Prep classes are beginning again from 18th Nov, we are pretty booked up for Nov & Dec, but please do get in touch if you’d like to join the waiting list and book a place for the New Year.