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Clare Cooper ~ author of Milestones of Motherhood, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Doula and Family Forest School


 Beautiful Beginnings

Nourishment and inspiration 
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heart and soul


As a mother, writer and yoga teacher, I am passionate about connection, growth and transformation. Exploring a sense of unity ~ the essence of yoga, is central to my mothering, writing and teaching.

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Clare’s book Milestones of Motherhood is available now from independent press Mother’s Milk Books.

Milestones of Motherhood by Clare Cooper

Milestones of Motherhood celebrates the immense growth, learning and transformation which women experience as we learn to love and nurture our children. With contributions from women at all stages of the mothering journey, Milestones of Motherhood celebrates the value of mothering work, and is available now from Mother’s Milk Books. 

Clare’s Yoga

Preg yoga 4Growing up with parents who practiced and taught yoga, the yoga postures and philosophies have been a constant in my life and my children are now third generation yogis! My yoga teaching and personal practice centres upon finding space, connection and understanding within ourselves which leads to a sense of unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others.

I teach weekly Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes in Whitehaven, Cumbria, and monthly Post Natal Yoga and Women’s Wellness Restorative Yoga workshops.

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