We came across this awesome autumn fireworks craft at a home ed group today, and our kids loved it so much they’ve carried on for the rest of the afternoon. It’s so simple, really accessible for little ones too and the prints look great, especially if you do them on black paper and use a mixture of paint and glitter glue.




What you need:

  • black paper or card
  • loo roll or kitchen roll tubes
  • scissors
  • poster paint and glitter glue
  • paint brush
  • paper or plastic paints for paint






Start by cutting the bottom half of the tubes into thin strips and flatten down.












Next squirt a selection of coloured paints and glitter glues onto separate plates and spread with a brush.









Dip the edges of the tubes into the paints and print onto paper. It makes a lovely sparkly firework shape and has a great effect if you build up printing with different layers of colour and glitter glue.


Sprinkle extra glitter on at the end for added sparkles!