Book Review ~ Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing 2016.

Reviewed by Clare Cooper

Burning Woman is an exploration of women’s power; where this power lies, how it has been lost and how we can explore and rekindle its re-emergence in our own lives. Burning Woman is a call for change, for recognition and acknowledgement of women’s individual, cultural and collective experience. Lucy explores historical, cultural, political, personal and collective experiences of feminine power and disempowerment. Detailed historical discourse explores the ways in which current patriarchal systems have oppressed the feminine and raises many questions for exploring our own experiences of our femininity and power within our own lives.

Lucy introduces the new archetype Burning Woman as the embodiment of women’s passion, power, resilience and longing. Burning Woman explores female power, passion and shame and Lucy invites the reader to explore how the Burning Woman archetype shows up in our own lives and our collective experiences. Questions, exercises and journal prompts invite the reader to not only engage with the book in an academic sense, but to explore our own experiences, to look within our own body-mind and become clearer in understanding our own expressions of our power and femininity.

Burning Woman is forceful and fearless in detailed description of the many ways women are separated from our power, through history, community, politics, family, religion, education, employment, health care, sexuality, childbirth, economy, fashion, body image and more. ;Lucy asks what is really meant by ‘the Feminine’, and what it really means to be a woman today, and what potential lies beyond society’s narrow definition of the feminine. The exercises encourage personal exploration and deepening into our own femininity, as well as raising questions regarding structural social change to encompass more balanced expressions of both the masculine and the feminine for both men and women.

Burning Woman offers inspiration for change, acknowledgement and validation of women’s suppression and anger and offers a blazing image of hope, a guiding light for new ways of living, of being and of embodying our femininity beyond the narrow cultural definitions so many of us currently live within. Burning Woman offers a call for re-visioning the Feminine, for re-claiming and re-discovering what it means to express female power, passion and purpose away from the constraints of shame and restriction. Lucy explores the ways in which women are prevented from expressing such passions and provides poetry, prose and exercises to explore and re-ignite this passion deep in the hearts of the reader.

Burning Woman is part personal memoir, part political discourse inviting the reader to reflect and awaken within both personal and collective spheres. Burning Woman is a call for awakening; for new ways of expression and embodiment which value the elements of the feminine alongside, not above or below an evolving masculinity. The book could be the basis for discussion and exercises for women’s circles as well as a personal companion to deepening into your own authentic femininity. Raising more questions than answers, Burning Woman can be read from cover to cover, and equally dipped into for briefer periods of reflection and inspiration along your unfolding journey of deepening, awakening and further embodying the feminine in your own way.

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