Milestones of Motherhood

The writing of Milestones of Motherhood has certainly been a labour of love, as has the writing process, alongside three home schooled children and a busy Pregnancy Yoga class. I am so excited to reveal that the book is now with our wonderful publisher Mothers Milk Books and will be available soon.

Milestones of Motherhood is a non-fiction book which celebrates women’s change and transformation through learning to love and mother our children

As mothers we place so much focus and attention on the breath-taking growth and development of our children. We recognise and celebrate their learning and their milestones with joy and anticipation.

Yet what of our own growth as women? As mothers we too are constantly evolving and changing, yet in the constancy and busyness of family life, our own milestones can be overlooked.

ccmilestonesofmotherhoodscaled1Milestones Of Motherhood sets out to recognise and celebrate our growth and transformation upon the mothering path. With contributions from over 50 women, we explore our journeys through conception, pregnancy and birth exploring the myriad ways we learn and grow through the days, weeks, years and decades of loving and nurturing children from babyhood, through childhood to their eventual independence. There is so much to explore!

 The journey of learning to love and mother our children ignites within ourselves an immense journey of growth, transformation, surrender and learning. For it is through striving to love and nurture our children, more than perhaps any other work in the world, we learn of the depths of our capabilities and capacities for awareness, connection, understanding and unconditional love. Women speak of milestones of identity, letting go, understanding, empathy, compassion and deepening further into our Femininity. Rather than losing ourselves to motherhood as many of us at times fear, rather we come to understand that motherhood is an invitation for immense journeys of self discovery.

Rather than a ‘how to’ parenting manual, Milestones of Motherhood shares real experiences of women walking the mothering path, sharing journey of love, grief, loss, struggle, challenge and celebration.  We explore tentative journeys of love, milestones of trust, understanding and depression. We explore, with tenderness, some of the lesser spoken of and more taboo aspect of our mothering journeys; journeys of post natal anxiety, childhood illness, the silent grief of pregnancy loss and birth trauma. We explore the amazing transformational potential which mothering ignites when our own childhood may have been less than nurturing, with the Chapter Changing the Legacy sharing some beautifully tender stories of women’s growth and they allow some of the fierce unconditional love they bestow upon their children to create ripples of healing and change throughout their own mothering landscapes.

Milestones of Motherhood calls for greater recognition of the immense worth and value inherent in mothering children with love. Contained within is a call to awaken to the hugely valuable world work of mothering, recognising and valuaing our investments of time, love, emotion and energy and the transformation these ignite. Through the years we develop milestones of understanding, strength, wisdom, love and compassion; these qualities become the threads of our children’s childhoods as well as the energy of our own transformation and are qualities sorely needed by the wider world.

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