Creating a community of like-minded families was one of the main hopes behind the creation of the Beautiful Beginnings Natural Playgroup. Over three years ago Hatti and I decided to set up the group with the intention of bringing people together and creating a community of like-minded families.


Breastfeeding rates are pretty low in West Cumbria. We hoped to create a friendly and welcoming group where parents could feel comfortable breastfeeding their children and also give and receive support.


Well it has been a busy three years, and looking back with a warm heart at many play group sessions, I can definitely say that a community has been created and friendships forged.


To celebrate 2014 Beautiful Beginnings sessions I’d like to look back and share with you some special memories…


We have created Blessingway Ceremonies to offer strength and empowerment to mums as they prepare to give birth.




We have welcomed new babies into the group and enjoy seeing them grow up week by week

baby willow


Tiny friendships have been formed as little ones have spent time together, side by side playing, exploring, sharing…

surya shanti sol rosie


BB playing


We’ve watched and shared the journey as babies have become toddlers and begun to explore a whole new world…

BB group1


BB group

There’s been lots and lots of cutting and sticking…

BB Hedgehog

We’ve enjoyed many sessions of exploring the garden and also planted trees from the Woodland Trust…


BB trees


bb tree planting

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the families who contribute their time, energy and ideas to the group. You all make each session special and we wouldn’t have the group without you!


Wishing you all a peaceful, happy and fun-filled Christmas and New Year.


Playgroup Sessions will begin again on Tuesday 13th January 2015 10:30-12:30


New families always welcome