Many BB mums are either fledgling knitters or would like to learn, and I suspect we have a couple of experts among you too.




We are having an intro to knitting session this Tuesday 10th March where my lovely friend, knitter and potter Marylin Ross will be coming along to show us the basics and teach us how to make a pair of fingerless gloves!


If you would like to be involved bring along a pair of knitting needles (size 8 or 9) and a ball or two of colourful wool. You can often find lots of needles and wool in charity shops. I think the idea is to make he gloves stripey so we can all share colours and have some creative fun.


Marylin will also give help to anyone struggling with their own knitting projects, so bring these along too if you like. Some of you may remember her from the pottery session.


I love these cute babies and wonder if we could aspire to making some for the group soon… I love being ambitious!


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