Exploring Milestones of Motherhood

Milestones of Motherhood


Clare Cooper

Milestones of Motherhood by Clare Cooper

I am excited to share with you my first book Milestones Of Motherhood available now from Mother’s Milk Books.

Milestones Of Motherhood is a non-fiction book which explores how women grow and develop as mothers.

As mothers we place so much focus and attention on the breath-taking growth and development of our children. We recognise and celebrate their learning and their milestones with joy and anticipation.

Yet what of our own growth as women? As mothers we too are constantly evolving and changing, yet in the constancy and busyness of family life, our own milestones can be overlooked.

Milestones Of Motherhood sets out to recognise and celebrate the growth and transformation of women upon the mothering path. We begin by exploring our experiences from conception and pregnancy, and continue to discover the many ways we learn and grow through mothering from the days and months of babyhood and breastfeeding through the decades of childhood and our children’s eventual independence.

With contributions from over 50 women, I explore the many ways in which the journey of learning to love and mother our children ignites within ourselves an immense journey of growth, transformation and evolution. For it is through striving to love and nurture our children, more than perhaps any other work in the world, that we are taught of the depths of our capabilities and our capacities for awareness, connection, understanding and unconditional love.

I was frequently moved to tears by the honesty, emotion and experiences which the mother’s who contributed to the book shared. Rather than a ‘how to’ parenting manual, Milestones Of Motherhood sets out to share the real, lived experiences of women walking the mothering path, aiming to bring reassurance, recognition and value to our mothering experiences. Women spoke from the depths of their hearts, sharing both their joys and their challenges as mothers, with the hope that their words will bring reassurance, connection and inspiration to those who may be struggling with challenges in mothering their own children.

Rather than offering advice, parenting tips or advocating a particular style of nurturing, instead Milestones Of Motherhood illustrates that the mothering path is a long game; life long. And whilst there are times of immense joy and love, so too can there be times of struggle, difficulty and darkness. Yet what the contributing mothers are so keen to share is that times of struggle are part of the path, and it is by continuing in our commitment to loving and nurturing our children in the best ways we are able through both the good times and the challenges, that we as mothers grow immensely in our own learning, experiences, understanding and capabilities. And such learning is immensely valuable and never leaves us, constantly informing our mothering and decision making as we journey ever-onwards along the mothering path.

Similarly, Milestones Of Motherhood sets out to value and celebrate mothering. Often, caring for our children is something which receives little recognition or praise, and is often seen, and felt to be invisible; something we are meant to get on with alongside other, more meaningful, aspects of life. In both the chapter Journeys Of Identity, and throughout the book, this is a notion which women blast apart. Rather than seeing our investment of energy upon the mothering path as meaningless, instead women speak, with great passion, of how loving and mothering their children is the most fundamental and worthwhile work they could be engaging in. Milestones Of Motherhood sets out to reinforce the message that no energy on the mothering path is ever time wasted, but always love invested.

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Milestones Of Motherhood is available now from Mother’s Milk Books.