Happy New Year and warm blessing for Love, Joy, Truth & Connection for 2019.

2018 saw a thriving Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation class with many fabulous mums exploring the benefits of gentle postures, breathing and relaxation to nurture their pregnancy journey and support their experiences of labour and birth. I am always so happy when mums from the class get in touch to share their beautiful baby pictures and birth stories, and what touches me more than anything is how dedicated and resourceful women are when it comes to labour and birthing our babies and how the postures, breathing and relaxation become wonderful support however our babies are born. Feeling empowered, prepared and listened to during birth makes such a difference to our experience. Birth can be such a time of transformation and deepening into our Feminine strength, power and wisdom and it is my heartfelt wish that all mums are supported and listened to in their plans and experiences of labour.

I am looking forward to developing the class through 2019 and continuing to offer Couples Birth Preparation Sessions where we explore the process of labour, explore hopes and fears and the many ways partners can be of amazing support to the labouring mum. These sessions are always fun and help dads and partners to feel really connected and involved, rather than a spare part on the sidelines.

After training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy at the beginning of the year, I’ve been loving exploring these practices in my own yoga at home and feeling their benefits, as well as offering Women’s Wellness Workshop and One to Ones. In the coming year I’ll be continuing to offer one to ones for all aspects of Women’s Wellness and Post Natal Healing as well as working on a beautiful book and some workshops and resources to nurture our daughters through their menarche the onset of their menstruation. How we respond to our daughters at this special time is crucial for their on going development into their adolescence and Femininity. Sensitive, loving, informative support can create memories of love and excitement, and of menstruation being a positive in their life, undoing much of the wider suffering and negativity that can be associated with our cycle if we only receive messages of shame and negativity. Be part of this empowering change and help the girls in your life to receive messages of power, wisdom, love and support. Love your Cycle!

Forest School continued to be a fun element of our home educating life as I led a small family forest school in Cockermouth and worked with some fabulous groups in St Bee’s. Children built, played, climbed, invented and explored as well as creating a project about bats and much fire lighting!

Unfortunately, injuring my knee in September means I’m not currently able to offer Forest School, but I will return to it in the future. Yet into every space the Universe bring in the new…. so a Forest School project I’ve had in mind for a while will be emerging in 2019. Introducing Forest School Everyday…. a collection of articles and resources and eventual book exploring how we as parents can bring the magic and adventure of Forest School learning and play into every day family life. I’ll be sharing many of the nature based activities I do with my own children as part of our home education and many ideas of how we can nurture our children’s sense of learning, play, adventure and compassion for nature through simple nature based activities and adventures. I’m so looking forward to this….

Being bed bound and not driving for months certainly had its challenges, yet I received wonderful support from family and friends, and also had the opportunity to explore the many way in which Yoga can bring deep healing to body, mind and emotions through trauma. I am excited to share this learning through one to one sessions should anyone feel they would benefit from this, and am still enjoying exploring the benefits of restorative, healing Yoga, deep relaxation and Yoga Nidra.

Another good thing to come out of this period of injury and recovery is the enforced time at home which has gifted me the opportunity to make real progress with editing Milestones of Motherhood, my book in the making which celebrates women’s transformation through mothering. Mothering is a massive deal, and is one of the most important jobs we can ever do, yet so too does it spark immense, sustained transformation in ourselves as women as we strive to love and care for our children as well as we can. This book is the culmination of years of writing and includes contributions from over 50 women. We share stories of the loves, joys, challenges, griefs, losses and immense learning which motherhood offers and the milestones explored will hopefully provide comfort, reassurance, nurturing and inspiration to you, wherever you are upon your own mothering journey. Milestones of Motherhood will be available soon from the fabulous indie publisher Mother’s Milk Books, a small press which sets out to bring forth books celebrating empathy, femininity and breastfeeding. They are awesome so do check them out for gifts which honour the beauty of the journey of the Feminine. I’m so excited to be involved in the final stages of the production of this book and can’t wait to bring you news of it’s arrival.

Wishing you much Love, Peace, Strength and Connection for the coming year.

Clare xx