I’m excited to introduce a series of articles I’ve been working on exploring Creativity and Family Life which are appearing on Hatti Burt’s Parent Tribe Community.

At first glance, it may not seem like mothering and creativity are things which go hand in hand, especially so if you don’t consider yourself to be creative in the traditional sense of the word. Yet as I wrote Milestones of Motherhood, and reflected upon the journeys we take as women learning to love and care for our children and build a family life day by day, it became clear that creation and creativity lay at the very heart of what we do as mothers. We create our kids, and then each and every day we create the family culture within which they, and we, grow up within.

Through this series of articles I’ll be exploring the different aspects of creativity and the mothering journey, including the family cultures we create, the connection between nature and creativity, and how to nurture and protect our children’s sense of creativity.

When we first start to think of our days as mothers and fathers, being creative can seem like it is the furthest thing from our reality, and often, at first glance it can seem this way. We are overwhelmed with the constant and repetitive practicalities of feeding babies, caring for children, mediating between sibling scuffles and the everyday constancies of feeding our families, running our home and any paid employment we do. Yet when we start to look at what we do through a lens of creativity, we can see that a great deal of what we do as parents has the energy of creativity running right through it. For when we first think of creativity, many of us associate it with art and craft; painting, drawing and creating beautiful, handmade objects. And we often swiftly label ourselves as ‘creative’ or otherwise, often thinking the skills and realms of creativity lie with others who have a natural gift and talent for the artistic and beautiful.


Reflect on what you’ve been involved in over the past few days, hours, or minutes… what have you brought forward that wasn’t there previously?

What have you made? What new ideas, energy, meals or inspiration have you brought to your children and community?

You can read the rest of this article, and follow the full series, as well as lots more inspiring family stories on the Parent Tribe Blog at http://www.parenttribe.net/exploring-creativity-family-life-part-1/