Peace is an issue close to my heart.


Like millions of others I pray for peace on Earth each day.


Yet with so many media messages of conflict, aggression, fear and destruction, it sometimes feels as though peace is far off, somehow unreachable, perhaps an ideal but not a reality.


What can we do? How can we change things? Such questions can often lead to apathy and defeat, yet as parents I believe we all have an active and vital role to play in the contribution to peace on earth. We can use our privileged position as parents to contribute to peace each and every day.


We can choose how we react and respond to our children, how we talk to them and what examples we set for them. We can chose how we relate to others, how we respond to conflicts and the atmosphere we create in our homes and families.


How do you use your role as a parent?


I wrote about this in my article Parenting for Peace which appeared in Issue 67 of The Mother Magazine.


How do you use your role as a parent?

Do you realise the enormity of the potential you have for being an ambassador for peace in this world?

By parenting our children consciously, and relating to others with respect, we have the opportunity to become a beacon of light. To inspire others, not through our words or advice, but through our own peaceful actions and interactions.

How do you use this precious opportunity?

Each and every day we make a difference to the lives of our children and to the world. Every single person makes a difference simply by being in the world and contributing their energy. Imagine baking a cake or cooking a meal; every ingredient has a job to do, and so do we. There are no ‘spare parts’ in life, we all count, and we all make a difference. What is up to us is the quality of the difference we make. Smiling and showing kindness and respect where we don’t necessarily need to can make untold difference in the lives of others.

We all count and all make a difference in the lives of our children and countless others. What kind of difference do you make?



Peaceful Days, Peaceful Ways

By relating to our children peacefully we create an inner expectation of peaceful as normal. Similarly, if we are often behaving in an aggressive or stressed out manor, this too will be understood and internalised as normal by our children who grow up in our energy field. We know that children learn through imitation at most stages of their development, and how often have you heard your own words or tones of voice being spoken by your children? Never underestimate the influence of your parenting, and the way you live your life on your children.

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