Preparing for Forest School

Equipment & Preparation ~ Let’s Keep Warm & Dry

Experiencing the outdoors through the seasons gives children the opportunity to learn about the woodland in its different phases of the year. For children to feel comfortable and happy to come to Forest School, and to be best able to participate and learn during the sessions it is essential that we pay attention to their basic needs. If we meet children’s needs to be warm, dry and well nourished, then they are so much more able to participate, contribute and get the most out of their Forest School experience. A little time spent preparing before sessions means the session flows smoothly and children are able to fully participate without being distracted by feeling cold, wet or hungry.

What Families Need To Bring

Please read the following lists carefully and make sure both you and your children have what you need to be warm, dry and comfortable during Forest School.

WET COLD DAYS – Keep Warm & Dry!

  • Dress in warm, comfortable layers; ideally leggings or tracksuit bottoms, not jeans,
    and long sleeved top,clothes that can get muddy.
  • Thick, warm socks plus spares!
  • Warm fleece, hoodie or jumper
  • Wellies which are in good condition and don’t leak or warm, waterproof boots
  • Waterproofs which children are happy to wear. Waterproof coat, trousers / sallopets / all
    in one suits. Please remember waterproof trousers as they really help children to be comfortable for the 3 hours outside.
  • Warm hat and gloves



  • Dressed in comfortable layers
  • Please wear long trousers or leggings and long sleeved top, not shorts to reduce exposure to ticks and scrapes
  • Sturdy shoes for running, climbing and exploring
  • Sun hat or hooded sun top
  • Preferred parental choice of sun lotion / sun protection

Remember to make sure that you as a parent are warm, dry and comfortable as well as the kids!

Personal Forest School Comfort Bag

Alongside the appropriate clothes, coats, waterproofs and footwear for each session, we also recommend that you pack a separate Children’s Forest School Comfort Bag, ideally per child or as a family. We have found from experience that these bags provide comfort and reassurance as well as the practical necessities, enabling children feel confident that their basic needs are met and giving them the freedom to fully participate in the session as well as encouraging their independenceA small children’s rucksack is perfect for this bag and may contain:

  • A change of clothes; bottom and top and a spare pair or two of spare socks
  • Hat and gloves (warm hat winter, sun hat summer & sun protection)
  • A drink and snack separate to the packed lunch and which the child can have at any time
  • A notebook and pens/pencil especially for Forest School
  • Tissues / wipes


LUNCH ~ Please remember your picnic lunch!
Most sessions run 10:00 am – 1:00pm with a time for eating a picnic lunch. Please bring
a packed lunch for these sessions and bring it with you from your car to the woodland at the
beginning of the session.
Please make sure your and your child’s tetanus vaccine is up to date, or if you make alternative
health choices, that you are fully informed about the risk and alternative treatment of tetanus
should your child receive a cut which is cause for concern. All cuts to be washed immediately.


What the Forest School will provide:

Tarpaulin shelters to provide shelter from wind, rain or sun, and as part of group activity
Complete first aid kit.
‘Tick Hook’ removal tool for safe and effectively removal of ticks as soon as they are identified.
Blanket, food and drink, survival bag, gloves and hat, tissues and wipes
PPE Fire Bag including water, gloves, burns gel, hair bobbles. Tools appropriate to needs of
group and PPE to accompany, eg gloves
Snacks and drinks to be eaten as both part of a shared activity, and if individual children are
cold and hungry, hand sanitizer to clean hands before eating. Please let me know of any allergies & dietary requirements on your booking form.                                                                                                          HAND WASHING
Water, hand gel, soap, wipes and towels for hand washing                                                              TOILETING
Tissues, wipes, toilet roll, hand sanitizer and an area where children can use toilet in privacy.
Parents to accompany their own child to toilet area at all times.