What yoga students, readers and editors have to say about Clare’s Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Writing and Baby Blessingway Ceremonies:

Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation

Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Yoga

I feel that taking part in Pregnancy Yoga contributed to my pregnancy remaining trouble free and helped me to stay fit and active throughout. The birthing techniques that we learned were fundamental to my birth plan, and I feel helped me to manage my labour, without pain relief, and helped me to have a relatively short first time labour.’

Lauren and Izzy

I can’t recommend this class enough. Such an amazing experience with an amazing teacher Clare. I have been through a tough time with previous births and also had two cesarean sections. With my last pregnancy I decided I wanted to try for a vba2c (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) and started yoga with Clare who taught me how to see birth in a different way.

I learned how to relax, breathing techniques, labour positions and much more. I also suffered with SPD and Clare was very understanding of this and gave me different positions to other members off the class which made me feel just as included and really helped me throughout my pregnancy and birth.

I had a one to one session with Clare where she went through my previous births and was an amazing listener and helped my partner to understand different ways to help me during labour.

I went on to achieve a natural wonderful birth and I truly believe the yoga class and especially Clare herself were a huge part in how my birth went. Throughout my labour I used everything I had been taught in the classes and my partner also used everything he was taught and it turned out exactly how I’d hoped it would.

I would advise any one who is pregnant and interested in these classes to go along, it really has made a huge difference not just with how my labour went but to my whole life, as I will always remember what a beautiful experience I had after thinking it would never be possible.. I will always be grateful to Clare and her wonderful class! Please don’t hesitate to go along

Laura Southward, Whitehaven


I absolutely loved doing yoga with Clare during my pregnancy! She provides a really safe and calming environment, which gave me the space to connect with my baby, prepare for a positive birthing experience and learn techniques that would help with this. I also got to connect with some other mums who I still meet up with now, which is just lovely and has been a great support. My son’s birth was a very positive and empowering experience, which I feel is very much down to Clare’s classes. We’ve had some bumps since he was born, but I’ve been able to use the affirmations the classes helped me to develop and believe in, to make these difficulties easier to cope with. I feel I owe Clare so much, and would urge any pregnant ladies to give pregnancy yoga a go.

Rosy, Whitehaven

My pregnancy yoga sessions with Clare Cooper were an invaluable part of my pregnancy journey. I learned how certain movements and positions paired with breathing techniques can be used as a natural  pain relief during Labour. I had decided that where possible I wanted a natural Labour and it was a breath of fresh air to learn that there was an alternative available. During my contractions I was able to put into practice the skills I had learned from Clare’s classes and was delighted that they really worked. Clare is an amazing teacher who is so knowledgeable in this field and I will certainly be seeking her expert advice for future pregnancies. She was so supportive and gave me the courage and confidence I needed to trust my body and to not be afraid of such an amazing natural process. My belief in myself and my ability to give birth naturally grew and I was so happy to give birth to my daughter in the pool at home.


“I would highly recommend Clare’s pregnancy yoga. I went to Clare’s pregnancy yoga sessions during my second pregnancy and I know it really contributed to the success of my VBAC. I was very calm and peaceful through my second labour and for most of it used a yoga move that Clare taught me which really helped me to navigate through each contraction with ease – and no drugs whatsoever! She is very experienced and also listens and adapts the yoga to what you might need.”


I did one-to-one yoga with Clare when I was about 7 months pregnant and suffering from some lower back pain. The session was lovely and relaxing; Clare created a wonderful, calming atmosphere and she worked at my pace, introducing me to a range of moves and poses which helped ease my pain and improve my balance and posture. I would highly recommend her sessions.


“I really enjoyed the yoga classes and looked forward to them every week. I personally feel that attending them helped my baby moved into right position early on in pregnancy, kept my blood pressure at a normal level throughout, strengthened my back (I haven’t experienced much back pain at all) and prevented swelling of my hands and feet.

Learning how to completely relax has been invaluable in getting some much needed sleep and having all the different yoga positions to call on has been a life saver, especially in the last few weeks, when trying to get comfortable seems almost impossible.

Also, learning about the birthing process in positive terms from someone who had experienced it was really helpful and this influenced my decision to stay on the path of having a natural home birth, even when doubt crept in.

It was great meeting other pregnant ladies and chatting about how we were getting on. Knowing that there were others going through the same things was comforting.

Most helpful of all though, was the meditation and visualisation. I had been nervous about prospect of giving birth and being able to draw on my inner strength and visualise everything going well has been the biggest thing for me.

I haven’t hesitated to recommend yoga to anyone who will listen and my husband is now a convert having seen the difference it made for me.

I think your pregnancy yoga classes should be a prescribed by midwives to every pregnant woman at their first visit!”

Tabitha (9 days and counting!)

Articles & Writing


“Clare has been such a great support for Parent Tribe Magazine/ Blog. She writes beautiful pieces about keeping compassion and peace at the centre of parenting which have inspired many of our readers. She has also assissted with editing the magazine which has been a fantastic help too.”

Hatti Burt, Editor of Parent Tribe Magazine




Clare Cooper was a writer for me when I was editor of The Mother magazine. Her articles on conscious parenting and living were always of the highest quality, well researched, and yet always written with a personal touch based on experience and knowledge that made them accessible to our readers.

They had a huge impact in augmenting women’s journeys as they navigated the unpredictable terrain of motherhood, regardless of what stage they were at.

She’s highly committed and passionate and this is always evidenced in her writing, and the intentional and conscious way she lives her life. This natural authenticity shines through and makes her a beacon to those aspiring for a conscious mothering experience.

Veronika Robinson

Former editor of The Mother magazine

Baby Blessingway Ceremonies

Blessingway“I have attended 3 Blessingways led by Clare (2 two were for my own pregnancies) and I cannot recommend them enough. Clare creates such a welcoming, calming and open space, enabling friends and family to nurture and nourish the mother-to-be and welcome the new growing life within her. These Blessingways have been some of my favourite memories of my pregnancies where I felt so cherished and loved, not only by my immediate support network but connected on a deeper level to the strength of all the women who have birthed before me. Clare facilitates beautiful rituals including guided visualisation, relaxation and conscious breathing, and winding red thread bracelet; with candlelight and music setting the scene. Clare adds personalised elements to each Blessingway and I’ve enjoyed amazing bonding experiences such as foot massage, hair braiding, writing affirmations and positive messages, mindfulness colouring and singing. The friendly and informal atmosphere creates a wonderful, intimate space to share stories and words of wisdom which can be very emotional and cathartic.”


I would highly recommend a Blessingway led by Clare Cooper. I have had the pleasure of attending 4 different Blessingway ceremonies she has led. They have all shared a common sense of celebration, sacredness and nuturing. Also each one has differed to meet the individual’s needs and wishes. I chose to have a joint Blessingway with a lovely friend. We sang beautiful blessingway songs together. Then Clare gently guided us through a peaceful and empowering meditation. We gave thanks for the new life within us and our other children already born. Clare supported us and held a very sacred space for us when we lit candles to remember the babies we had lost through miscarriage.  We wrote messages of love, affirmation and encouragement to each other on paper hearts which I threaded on ribbon to read during labour. We made bracelets out of red thread which we all wore until we heard the babies had been born. Clare enabled us to forge a deep sense of connection with our babies and with each other. We also remebered our ancestors and all birthing mothers before us. I carried this connection in the days leading up to labour and during it. Clare creates a loving and beautiful space for Blessingways. She is sensitive to people’s needs. Her own passion as a mother and her honesty and encouragement shines through.

A wonderful oppourtunity to honour your transition into new motherhood whether for the first or seventh time.