Often as parents we talk and think about all the things we do with and for our children, the many things we wish we could do, or the stuff we need to do. Parents of little ones are busy people and generally give much of our time, energy and love to our children and families.


But our children give too. They give us ALL their love yet we can sometimes be too busy to see it…


  • your little baby beaming you her best smile the minute she opens her eyes and sees your face in the morning
  • the way your nursling strokes your skin as he enjoys his sleepy breast feeding
  • your little toddler who won’t leave your side as she feels so safe and loved in your presence, she will only sleep with you, as you are her world
  • the eager three year old who picks all the daffodils in your garden because she knows they’re your favorite flower (thanks surya, i loved them!)
  • the tired toddler who has held it together all day then saves her huge tantrum for you as you try to cook your family’s evening meal. She feels safe with you, she knows you can handle her feelings and will love her through.
  • the chirpy boy who chatters all day, he loves you so and wants to share all his thoughts and feelings as he knows you’ll listen. By listening now, hopefully he’ll still share so much as he grows.

As busy parents its sometimes easy to forget, that when all the toys are put away and friends have gone home, we are our children’s world, and they love us just as much as we love them, sometimes they just have different ways of showing  it.

Parenting is so much more than a never ending list of tasks to do, and it is the LOVE WE SHARE that makes the difference.