Women’s Wellness Yoga Workshop

Exploring Conscious Menstruality

with Clare Cooper

Sunday 15th April 1:00 – 3:30

The Senhouse Centre Whitehaven



This month we’ll be exploring Conscious Menstruality ~ How we can nurture ourselves through our cycle and Menopause, and be aware of our different energies and needs at different points of the month.

We’ll explore Yoga practices that can support us at each phase of our cycle, connecting to our outward, creative energy and supporting our need for deep rest. I’ve been working with these practices myself for the past few years alongside training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy and have found they have completely transformed my experiences of my cycle, significantly reduced pain and helped me to welcome and understand the changes in energy through different aspects of my cycle.

Learning to work with our cycle, to recognise our different energies is deeply transformative, we can use the Yoga practices to learn to embrace our cycle, welcoming each phase for the insight and energies it brings us, over time transforming negative experiences into something much more positive as we deepen in awareness of ourselves and our bodies.

Looking forward to sharing these valuable practices to nurture and nourish our minds and bodies. Clare x

To book your place please contact Clare via:

Facebook page Beautiful Beginnings Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga
Text: 07906 188 345

Email: milestonesofmotherhood@yahoo.co.uk