Yoga Therapy

Clare’s Yoga Therapy sessions provide a safe space to listen and explore what you are experiencing and receive a tailor made Yoga Therapy Practice to promote overall holistic health and support you physically and emotionally.

Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy

Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy sessions enable women to talk confidentially and at length about their emotional and physical experiences and provide a Yoga Therapy Practice to bring support and balance to our womb cycles and overall health.

As women we can hold great physical and emotional trauma through traumatic sexual experiences, difficult menstruation, challenging journeys to conception, pregnancy loss and birth trauma and there can be surprisingly few places to share, explore and begin to heal our minds and bodies. Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy with Clare offers a safe, gentle space to begin to listen in to these neglected, difficult areas and explore some nurturing practices to bring healing, connection and a greater sense of peace and wellbeing to our bodies and minds.

Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapy can be supportive for:

  • Menstrual Pain & Irregularity, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Journeys to Conception, supporting Fertility & IVF
  • Experiences of Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss
  • Supporting Emotional, Physical & Mental Wellbeing during Early Pregnancy
  • All aspects of Pregnancy, including Pelvic Pain & Birth Preparation, VBAC
  • Post-Natal Recovery, Birth Trauma, PND & Anxiety
  • Physical and Emotional support around Prolapse & Surgeries
  • Journeys through Perimenopause
  • Supporting recovery from Sexual Abuse & Traumatic Sexual Experiences


Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain sessions treat you holistically and as an individual, exploring the history of your back pain and how this impacts upon your life and lifestyle. Together we create an individually tailored set of gentle, safe and supportive Yoga practices to provide support and deeper understanding of how you can feel empowered to care for your own body and release and prevent your back pain in future.

Clare has experience in offering Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue & M.E., Digestive Disorders including IBS & IBD, and Anxiety & Depression. Please get in touch for further details and consultation if you would like to explore Yoga Therapy further.


One to One Yoga Sessions

One to One Yoga Sessions are a fabulous way of deepening and developing your personal yoga practice. Postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation are tailored to meet your needs, experience and interests and enable students to grow and develop physically and spiritually. One to One’s enable deeper posture practice and exploration of Yoga Philosophy and Spirituality in a safe, supportive environment with an experienced teacher.

One to One’s can also be Two or Three to Ones if you have a friend or two who would like to share this unfolding journey. Please contact Clare for details.



All Yoga Therapy & One to Ones are £40 and include:

Booking Consultation via phone or email

2 Hour session including

  • Consultation, exploring of emotional and physical experiences
  • Teaching of individually tailored Yoga Postures, Breathing, Meditation & Relaxation
  • Personalised Practice Plan to take home

Follow up Phone call or email

4 Session Package Book 4 Yoga Therapy or One to One Sessions for £130.


Yoga Therapy & One to One’s take place at The Senhouse Centre, Whitehaven, Cumbria.

To find out more, explore if Yoga Therapy could be supportive for you and book your session, please contact Clare on 07906 188 345, message through our Facebook page, or via