Clare’s Yoga

Growing up with parents who practiced and taught yoga, the yoga postures and philosophies have been a constant in my life and my children are now third generation yogis! My yoga teaching and personal practice centres upon the Yogic teaching of ahimsa; developing an attitude of gentleness towards ourselves and all others. Through postures, breathing and meditation, we can find space, connection and understanding within ourselves which leads to a sense of unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others.

As a mother to three children, Yoga has been an unwavering support throughout my pregnancies, births, breastfeeding and entire mothering journey. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy gives us a little time out from the busyness of daily life and invites us to nurture our body and mind, to let go of stress, tension and anxiety and connect with our beautiful baby. Yoga postures, breathing and meditation can be extremely supportive during labour and birth, connecting us to a source of inner strength and wisdom for us to call upon, enabling us to approach labour feeling excited, ready and empowered.

I specialise in Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes which support and nurture women through their pregnancy journey, and call upon my training as a Doula with Michel Odent to further support women in their preparation for birth and mothering.

My Post-Natal Yoga Circle welcomes women back to Yoga practice alongside their babies and provides an on-going space for women to share, connect, empathise and support one another and practice gentle Womb Yoga to aid post-natal recovery..

My personal practice draws upon the teachings of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Womb Yoga; Yoga revisioned for the female expereince, and my Women’s Wellness Yoga Circles create a nurturing, supportive space for women to come together, share experiences and explore how the Womb Yoga practices support us through all stages, joys and challenges of womanhood.